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Here are some photos of people and horses and events from our farm album.  Enjoy.  

Just thought you might enjoy seeing Jewel and her baby - remember, we sold Jewel and Passion to Katharina in Germany.

Gun's Ebony Lady, sold to Lynne Chamberlain in England.

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Hi Mary Ellen, Hope everyone is well and looking forward to Christmas. Thought i would give you an up date on Malie.. Well, what can i say, she is a dream come true. Anyone would think she had been with us for years, she so settled in. The blacksmith came out to check her shoes, he just put a nail in one of her front shoes, she stood still and never bothered. We took her to a show last Sunday, she travelled very well in our lorry. She enjoyed herself there as she had lots of people come and look at her. We then dressed in our saddlesuit and English tack to do the ridden class. Unfortunately i'd forgotten to take my hard hat as well as my Homburg hat. So for insurance reasons i wasn't allowed to ride in the ring. But i had a little ride before anyone else came in. WOW we got the walk, it was great. First time i had ridden her, as the weather here has been to wet. I've attached a photo of us, hope you like it? You can use the photo for your website if you wish. I would like to Thank you and David for a marvelous job of training her. Thank you so very much. Regards Lynne.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year
Walkers West was pleased to host a visit from Jergen and Susan Nielsen of Denmark. The 15 hour plane trip to DFW from Denmark resulted in the purchase of three beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses, namely, Smokin Colt 45, Bubbling Spirit and Razz’s Butterscotch. Smokin Colt 45 by Packing Heat, is a uniquely colored yearling stallion that will eventually become a breeding stallion. The two mares will be pregnant when they make their long journey in about 30 to 60 days. Tennessee Walking Horses are growing in popularity in Denmark – at this time there is a total of 9 in the country and soon there will 12.


Mary Ellen Areaux, Bubbling Spirit, Susan and Jergen Nielsen from Denmark, Smokin Colt 45, David Kelly (not shown is Razz’s Butterscotch)

DELIGHT FILLY OURS, a recently imported Tennessee Walking Horse to the UK, has arrived safe in foal in Wales. Her new owners who are also long riders, Jenni and David Miller are 'delighted'!    In addition to producing top quality foals for the British market, the Millers plan to promote the breed by using Delight Filly Ours on cross country long rides.

Straight off the van at the end of her long journey, Didi immediately struck a perfect park and totally charmed her new countrymen.

Didi's new filly,
sired by WC Coin's Adonis,
strutting her stuff across Wales.

Didi's new filly, Ella, strutting her stuff across Wales.
Below is Didi with her second foal Tennessee Walking Horse foal born in Wales.
Meet IBA'S WELSH DELIGHT, sired by Inspired By Art.

Click here to hear the music of Sheryl Crow Congratulations to the popular recording star, Sheryl Crow, on her recent purchase of two beautiful Tennessee Walking
Horses, Chamco Shady Lady and Copy's Starlight Express.

Safe in foal to The Gold Rush Is On, Lacey's Star Shaker leaves Walkers West to go to her new home at Bridestone Walkers in Scotland, where she will become the foundation mare for the very first herd of Tennessee Walking Horses in the United Kingdom. She is a granddaughter of Merry Nightcap, so both she and her foal will be carrying the golden genes of both Midnight Sun and Merry Go Boy to a new frontier in the Walking Horse industry.

Click here to see the listing.. it's rather pretty!  : )

One of our customers, Ola and Randall Fojtasek, generously donated a Tennessee Walking Horse yearling stud colt to the Cattle Barron's Ball to be auctioned off to benefit Cancer Research. This is a very popular fund-raiser with similar fund raisers around the U.S. Everyone dresses in their best Western duds and western songwriter and singer, Willie Nelson, was the entertainment.
My trainer, Moe Lawell, and friend, Glenda Robinson, presented the colt for the auction at the Ball last night. The package of the colt and the Western Saddle and western apparel, donated by M.L. Leddy Bros. of Fort Worth, sold for a total of $10,000.  Great fun!!!

Carol Stimson saying goodbye to her beautiful Platinum Gold who was sold to the Mitchells in CA.


Palomino Gold

High Time for Gen sold to Jo Jean DeHony and Clyde LaFollette of Cody, WY where he is on his way to making a big name for himself as a breeding stallion.

King now lives in California and is making a beautiful show horse with Jill Iverson riding.  Jill and husband, George Heffley are the owners.==>

<==He's Sure Fire with new owner, Steve Moergen and daughter Stephanie in Massachusetts.


Cloud's Rio Bravo is winning everything in Alberta, Canada - Dolores Salt is the handler and owner along with husband Bill Salt.

Breezy - a TWH spotted filly - went all the way to Holland - The Wout van Tellingen family were her new owners.

Lynne and Lace This is Lynne Bowman from CA and her wonder-horse, Golden Lace that she bought from us a couple years ago.
Chance's High Moon and Myrna Wisdom
Rushmore with his new owners, Gary and Liz Empfield of Laguna Woods, CA.