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Mary Ellen and Warrior at 28 years old.

Mary Ellen and Bum's Warrior  at 28 years old. - Photo by PJ Wamble

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Mary Ellen Wilson Areaux was raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast riding Saddlebred horses at Gulf Park College.  After being introduced to the Tennessee Walking Horse at the Dixie Jubilee Horse Show as a child, Mary Ellen dedicated her interest in horses to the Tennessee Walkers - a love that has lasted a lifetime.

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In 1967, after moving to Dallas, TX, Mary Ellen purchased her first Tennessee Walking Horse in Tulsa, OK - a white mare with a black colt by her side.  Since that time, there have been numerous horses in her life and her interest over the years has become focused on breeding and sales of Tennessee Walkers.

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Tennessee Walking horses - Mary Ellen and  Goldrush.jpg (16755 bytes) Currently, Mary Ellen is the owner of six Tennessee Walkers, four of which are stallions, one gelding and one mare. Three of the stallions stand at stud and are popular breeding stallions.  Semen is shipped on all stallions to breeders throughout the entire United States.
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In addition to her love of horses, Mary Ellen is a graduate of the University of North Texas, a Real Estate Broker and Commercial Leasing agent for major enclosed mall shopping centers.

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During the last year, Mary Ellen, whose horse operation is known as Walkers West - Double W Ranch, located in Kaufman, TX, has sold horses to Canada, Brazil, Germany, Holland and nearly every state in the United States.

Mary Ellen Areaux on Bum's Warrior - left  (the stallion is 21 years old).  Deborah Price on Bum's Scarlet Ribbons - middle - This mare is a daughter of Bum's Warrior (by Delight Bumin Around) and The Missing Angel (by Mack K's Handshaker) - 13 years old.  Carol Stimson on The Missing Angel - right (mare is 22 years old).

Trail riding on Warrior and a grandson of Goldrush.

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