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Here are some photos of people and horses and events from our farm album.  Enjoy.  

Happy Birthday, Mary Ellen!

This is what Jose made for me for my birthday.  We have it up on the front of the barn.

<--0682 - Mary Ellen opening presents - Irma Boatman looking on.

0684 - Carol Stimson and Barbi Stapleton-->

<--0685 - Gaye Morton and David Kelly

0686 - Irma Boatman, Richard Stapleton, Kathleen Davis-->

<--0687 - Marcia and Grandson, Heath = Cindy Kirmse in background.

0688 - Cindy Kirmse - owner of Diamond-->

<--0689 - Mike Kirmse, owner of Drifter

0690 - Brian and Jessica Larkin-->

<--0691 - Connie Painter and her fiancee, Bob.

0696 - Bob - Connie's fiancee-->

<--0697 - Looking down the hallway of the barn.

0705 - David Kelly, trainer, Beam's Big Stretch, Marcia Doherty, Carol

<--0710 - Irma Boatman, Richard and Barbi Stapleton (Irma is Barbi's mother - she is 89 years old)

0718 - Same crew-->

0722 - David, Cindy in Back, Irma, Barbi, Mike behind Barbi, M.E., Connie,
Marcia in front of everyone, Richard, Brian and Jessica (parents of Heath
that you will see later) in barn.