Here are some more photos of people and horses and events from our farm album.  Enjoy.  

One of our friends, Kathleen Davis, sent me this picture that was taken yesterday as English photographer,  Bob Langrish was leaving.  That's Kathleen Davis on the left, then Barbi Stapleton, owner of Majestic River, next to Bob and then me.

My next door neighbors - Bill and Ruby Gerkey - this is a picture of them.  They are the nicest neighbors - always bringing me goodies and helping out.

This is me with my "two daughters" - D'Anna on my right and Daphne on my left.  I've known both of them since they were about 3 and 6 years old.  I love them dearly.  The photo was taken on Mother's Day - 5/8/11.
This is Mike Kirmse riding his horse,
All Color Key Drifter, at Walkers West.

top right: All Color Key Drifter,
enjoying the pond.

right: All Color Key Drifter,
seen through the eyes of a spider.

This is Hemmy who visited us this past week with White Diamonds Black Gold. He is from Israel and loves Tennessee Walking Horses. In Israel, he is a pilot (and a former fighter pilot in their army) and also an engineer. It was great fun having him here even though it was when we had our great snowfall of 12 inches of snow. He has now returned to Israel, but is welcome back any time.

Friends, Mike Kirmse and his gelding All Color Key Drifter.

and Cindy Kirmse laying on her black gelding, Blue Mountain Diamond.

Mary Ellen, at 13 years of age, and her horse, Band Lady and  friend, Grace Woods and Jim the horse.

These are my "daughters" Daphne (on the right) and D'Anna Zimmer (on the
left - stripped shirt)- I've known them nearly all their life - they are beautiful inside and out. They took me to dinner today for Mother's Day.

This is P J Wamble and Jed Thompson - they had not met before today - P J did the wonderful photos of his World Champion Stallion, Armed Son Of A Gun.

Maija Finn and her good friend,
Zsa Zsa Gabor at a show in CA

This is a daughter of Bum's Warrior, (and Casino Queen's Copy - a mare that the Scotts of Bayou West Walkers own now). Cassie with owner Nic Bristow, is pictured here, handling police work on the 4th of July in DeSoto, TX.

Bum's Warrior daughter, Cassie and her owner, Nic Bristow of the Desoto, Tx. police force.

Carol Stimson with Touched by the River.

Dee Radcliff with The Painted Dragon and Remington Steele - two of her great show horses.

Rene Williams loving her great mare, Katy.

Carol Stimson on the Missing Angel
as seen over the ears of Bum's Warrior.

Bryan and Judy Richey heading back to South Carolina after their purchase of Master Prince.

Herb Creamer riding his mare, Miss Golden Girl, by The Gold Rush Is On, on a trail ride out west.  This mare was later sold and is now a Supreme Versatility Champion living in Minnesota.



W. L. and Carolyn Palmer -- getting ready to Celebrate Deborah Price's birthday party!!!  Hard to believe us Horse People can clean up that good!!!

Rose Lee and Sally coming in from a ride on Sundrop's Bellringer and Cherokee on a hot summer day.

Jake Oliver - our number one helper - with his friend, DeJa Blu Dillon's Scout - one of the beautiful horses we have for sale.

Jinglin' Jim and his beautiful horse, Threat,
that he bought at Walkers West
Ximena and Harold D. Scott of
Bayou West Walkers in Louisiana
The late Orris Shaw of the famous Shaw Twins,
and his wife, Loyce.
Norris Shaw, the other half of the Shaw Twins.
Norris Shaw, and his son Jeff carry on the Shaw Twins tradition in Cornersville, TN.
Deborah Price ready for a ride on Bum's Scarlet Ribbons, a daughter of Bum's Warrior and The Missing Angel.