World Champion in 1938

HARVEST MOON, a gelding by ROAN ALLEN F-38 and winner of the 1934 Tennessee State Fair, affords an opportunity to observe the rapid development of Walking Horse shows during the thirties.

HARVEST MOON, foaled in 1929, was 16 hands high, was roan with white stockings, and a flax mane and tail.  He weighed twelve-hundred pounds.   By the end of his career in 1939, he had won over two-hundred blue ribbons, and had been tied second only five times, and had never been tied lower than second.

He was undefeated in 1938.   He won the Delta Circuit in Mississippi three years in a row, the Missouri State Fair, the Dallas' Charity Show, the Tennessee State Fair, the Louisville Kentucky Show, and the World Championship at the 1938 Baton Rouge show.

He sold for the unprecedented price of $2000.

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