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In 1788, the importation of the great Thoroughbred stallion, MESSENGER brought much need size and stamina to the American horses.  Messenger
Rhysdyk's Hambletonian Through the Messenger son, RYSDYK'S HAMBLETONIAN, Tennessee Walking horses gained the bloodlines of GEORGE WILKES and DICTATOR, who sired the foundation horses, ALLAN F-1, and WALTER DIRECT.  HAMBLETONIAN was also the ancestor of ECHO through a horse called Harold.

Allan F-1

Hambletonian 10

The Standardbred blood that can be found in the Tennessee Walking horse pedigrees is that of ALLAN F-1, the HALS, DIRECTS, and the BROOKS horses.  The main sire from the Chief family was HARRISON'S CHIEF, a descendant of Messenger who later established a family of Walking horses in Middle Tennessee.   The native mares who formed the foundation blood of the Standardbreds were the same HALS, PILOTS, and COPPERBOTTOMS who were the basis of the American Saddlebred and Tennessee Walking horse breeds.

Echo F-18

Walter Direct F-68


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