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1978 - 2006

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Bum's Warrior at 28 years old. Photo by PJ Wamble

 Bum's Warrior at 28 years old. Photo taken 4/06 by PJ Wamble
Bum's Warrior came into my life 25 years ago - it was love at first sight. Not only was he a very well bred stallion - by World Grand Champion Delight Bumin Around, by WC Sun's Delight, by WC Midnight Sun and out of a mare that goes back to Society Man in just 3 generations...he was a strikingly beautiful horse with sharp ears, a small chiselled face and great presence.

Mary Ellen and Warrior at 28 years old.
Mary Ellen and Bum's Warrior  at 28 Years old - Photo by PJ Wamble

Warrior has been a very popular breeding stallion for 25 years. He's also been my "mount of choice!!"  He is so much fun to ride...he loves to go places and do things...some horses are barn-sour and want to go back to the barn...not Warrior...he wants to see what's over the next hill...and he never gets tired...he would have been a great endurance horse.

Even up to just a couple months ago, Warrior would run more than any other stallion when he was turned out to exercise.. ..he would come when called and he would rear on command. He all but talks...

And then the years started to catch up with him...his rear legs have grown weak (too much rearing probably!!!) and he is no longer able to mount the mares. But he hasn't been fired from his other job because of age...he still talks to the mares and tells us if they are ready to be bred. He is the world's greatest teasing stallion...always a gentleman.

Warrior will always own my heart....

Mary Ellen

(Bum's Warrior was laid to rest, July 6th, 2006)

On July 6, 2006, Bum's Warrior was sent ahead to pastures, ever green.  He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

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Bumís Warrior, at 28 years old, was one of the last living sons of World Grand Champion Delight Buminí Around.  He was also out of a Mack Kís Castro mare whose pedigree goes back to Society Man in just two generations.   That is very old blood!
Elaine Morrill brought a Pushover mare in to be bred to Gold Rush, all the way from Fayetteville, TN. She took this shot of Warrior on Sunday morning, Nov. 10/04
Is this beautiful ... or what!!!!

Photo by Mary Ellen Areaux
Bum's Warrior at 23 years old. 

Photo by Bob Langrish


Warrior was a 15.2 hand elegant mahogany bay with great presence.  His neck came straight up out of his shoulders and he had a beautiful, small head with hooked ears and large, expressive eyes.

Warrior was a show horse in Tennessee as a two and three year old, and then was an outstanding trail and pleasure mount with a willing attitude and the smoothest of gaits.


Bum's Warrior, taken in
June of this year.  

Not bad for a 23 year old boy!!! 

Bum's Warrior at 23...  still a grand old gentleman !

Warrior has sired many blue ribbon winners in Texas and his colts REALLY WALK!  His get are dark colored with very little white.

Own one Bumís Warrior baby, and you will want another!!

Wildchild II by Bum's Warrior

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