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WGC Possom exhibited at 2007 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration

Possom is a 14 year old “john” mule. He is out of a Tennessee Walking Horse mare bred by a “jack”. “Possom” was the 2007 North American Saddle Mule Association and American Gaited Mule Association WORLD GRAND CHAMPION. He was ridden by his brand new owner, after riding him just 2 days.

Possom was famous in his own right, before his current owner bought him. Possom started his string of Gaited Mule Championships in 2004 with the Tennessee State Championship – Western Pleasure Riders 18 & Under, and continued to accumulate Championships in 2005. In 2006 Possom was the National American Saddle Mule Association HIGH POINT World Champion…..Possom didn’t stop there. He carried home the blue ribbon at the 2007 Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show.

Possom is the second gaited mule purchased by his current owner. She enjoyed her first gaited mule so much, she felt she needed a companion mule so her friends could trail ride with her. When she bought Possom in June of 2007, her intention was to bring him home to Texas and run her
bird-dogs and trail ride him. The seller suggested she leave Possom with him until the Gaited Mule Show in July, 2007 and come up to Shelbyville and show him.

Much to her delight, not only did she win the 2007 NASMA World Grand Championship on Possom……….she also had a great time making new friends, seeing old friends and learning about the wonderful world of gaited mules.

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Photos of the horses named in blue on the pedigree can be found in the Ancestor Gallery.

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