World Grand Champion in 2001
Pride's Jubilee Encore #912786

It was a hometown horse winning a hometown game, and whether the fans were from Shelbyville or not, Encore was the buzz in the stands.

His is a story of hometown pride. Pride's Jubilee Encore is owned by the partnership of Kay Dennis, Charles and Florence Terry, and Jerrold Pedigo.  His sire is the 1986 World Grand Champion Pride's Jubilee Star, and his dam, Lady Fame, is equally as famous.  She is the dam of The Skywatch, Flashy Fame, Generator's Fame, and numerous other talented horses. Shelbyville breeder Bonnie Woosley bred Encore and still owns his dam.

Long time walking horse fans and Shelbyville residents Kay Dennis and her neighbor and friend Mr. Filey Patterson purchased Encore as a three-year-old in September of 1994.  "Filey told me that we could own a few average horses, or we could get serious and own one really good horse," Kay Says, "So we went for it.  Filey had seen Encore earlier and knew he was the horse we need needed He was right, too. At Encore's show in November of 1994, people were just wild about him."

Filey was right. Encore was a show horse through and through.  Under the direction of Shelbyville's Bill Bobo, Encore garnered numerous wins in open and amateur competition. In 1995, he tied third in the Celebration Stake. He's earned one of the top five ribbons each of the three times he had been shown in the stake.  He also placed reserve to Masquerading in the 1997 Celebration in the Amateur Championship with Kay in the saddle.

The pair owned Encore together until Filey's death in 1995.  Then, Filey's sister, Alla Mai Ray, became Kay's partner with Encore. Over the next few years, Encore was in training with a few different trainers. In 1999 Kay and Mrs. Ray selected Allan to oversee Encore's career.  Due to health reasons, Mrs. .Ray decided to sell her interest in Encore last June.

Enter Charles and Florence Terry, customers of Allan's for many years.  "I had seen Encore show over the years, although I hadn't seen him work or show for about eight months I knew he was a good horse," says Charles, "but I really bought him based on Allan's reputation which is above reproach. Allan thought Encore was under-rated.   He believed the stallion had the deep down makings of a World Grand Champion. He approached Jerrold Pedigo about becoming a part of their dream as well, and a very good partnership was farmed with Kay last June.

Allan never wavered that Encore was World Grand Champion material The new partners realized that much needed to be done if he was to be a serious contender. Since he hadn't had a heavy show schedule, the public needed to be reminded just what a good horse he was getting. A serious campaign got underway to establish Encore's presence and make his name a household word.

"We didn't have a lot of time, so we decided to approach it like a political campaign," says Charles.  There were buttons, banners, billboards, and balloons with pictures of Allan and Encore. Yard signs were set up all over the city, and Shelbyville residents quickly rallied behind their hometown horse.

Allan and Encore became the sponsor of a race car in the Goodyear's Dash Auto Race Series, a preliminary series for the Winston Cup Series. The car had a full action shot of Allan and Encore painted on the hood. The same was also painted on the side of the cars tractor-trailer.  Not only did the car actually race, it was on display near Encore's stall during both Saturday nights of the show. Shelbyville residents loved it!
One of the many reasons the 2001 National Celebration was extremely special for the residents of Shelbyville and for fans of the Tennessee Walking Horse, was that it was a true "hometown" horse who took control on stake night and emerged victorious.  Pride's Jubilee Encore is Shelbyville-bred, Shelbyville-owned, and Shelbyville-trained.  The fantastic ten-year-old black stallion made a tremendous that Saturday night, as he had the previously Saturday in the qualifying event.  He was the image of the perfect walking horse-  His head was high and set back, he had a deep striding walk that set him apart from the other horses in the ring, and he walked the way a walking horse is supposed to walk.  He covered ground and he did it with flair.
"It was probably the best show of his life," says Encore's rider, professional trainer Allan Callaway.  "We had worked really hard to get Encore working at the level needed for a stake horse.  A horse like that has to have the strength, ability and endurance to do it, and not every horse has that stature.  If it's there, it can be brought out and developed.  That's what happened with Encore "

Allan knew what he was doing.  Each time Encore circled that ring, he kept getting better and better and better. The crowd kept get getting louder and louder and louder as they decided who they thought ought to be the World Grand Champion.  When the spotlight' landed on Allan and Encore, the crowd absolutely went wild.

During stake night, there was a live remote with a local radio station. There, the partners gave away a free stud fee, polo shirts, hats and more to excited fans. By the time the stake horses were ready to enter the ring, fans were ready to roar.  And they did!

"We could not have been more excited," said Jerrold Pedigo. "This was a dream come true for all of us. It was a lot of hard work promoting him and getting him ready for the stake, but it was definitely worth it."

Encore and Connie Painter,
who calls herself his number one fan.

                          Encore, Allan Calloway, and Connie =>

Photos above contributed by Connie Painter of Wicked Walkers..

So, what are the plans for this Shelbyville champion?  According to the partners, he and Allan will represent the industry at numerous events in the coming year.  He will also be retired from the show ring and stand at stud. Already he has quite a few colts on the ground and there are a handful of yearlings ready to start in the fall. Kay's own three-year-old gelding, Encore Encore was Encore's first colt to go under saddle.  He has done extremely well in both amateur and open competition with Allan and Kay riding.  Expectations are that his other offspring will carry on the family traditions.

"We believe that Encore is everyone's horse," says Charles

"We intend to promote Encore and his offspring very heavily to mare owners, in the show ring, and at sales. While we haven't yet worked out the details, we intend to show our appreciation and support to the mare owners who select Encore."

Winning the stake is a dream come true for Allan and Encore's owners.  It's also a dream come true for Shelbyville. He's a true hometown winner!

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