World Grand Champion in 1943

The Celebration of 1943 was one to be remembered and discussed for years.  The horse show was rained out for two nights and, instead of being postponed until later nights, one night's show was divided and added to two others, and the Celebration was climaxed on Sunday afternoon.

Black Angel 1943

Black Angel was crowned the World's Grand Champion with Winston Wiser in the saddle.  This classy black mare with only a star for marking was bred by Mrs. Fannie Bramblett of Wartrace, Tennessee and was sired by Merry Boy and out of Nell Bramblett.  Old Merry Boy 350189 was sired by Roan Allen F 38 and he was by the foundation sire Allan F 1.   Merry Boy's dam, the famous Merry Legs F 4, was also by Allan F 1. Nell Bramblett was sired by Dixie Boy F 22 and he was a son of Roes Chief F 35, by Bourbon Prince.   Dam of Nell Bramblett was Nell Shoffner by Gordner Stonewall by Stonewall Jackson F 53.   The second dam was Lizz.

Black Angel and Winston Wiser On October 12, 1943 following her victory, Black Angel was sold to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Yancey, Blissful Farms, Marianna, Arkansas for a price that is said to be the highest ever paid for an individual of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed to that date.   S. W. Beech, Jr. of Belfast, Tennessee was the trainer for Blissful Farms at that time, so Black Angel was then further trained and shown by him.   She was shown extensively over the entire South and was a consistent winner wherever exhibited.

Black Angel was sold to Mr. and Mrs. David Moreton, Jo Mo Stables, Brookhaven, Mississippi on May 10, 1945.  However, she was left under the tutelage of S. W. Beech, Jr.   This great show mare still continued her winnings over the Southern territory.

Black Angel was the first of the major contenders of Merry Boy breeding to attain the highest win at the Celebration.  This mare was the first Celebration winner not sired by Wilson's Allen, and she was the first of those which reached the top of the walking horse world under the tutelage of Winston Wiser.
At the time of her big win at the Celebration, Black Angel was owned by Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Ellis of Orrville, Alabama.   It will long be remembered by those there what a brilliant show Black Angel put on that memorable Sunday afternoon to win the Big Stake.

Winston Wiser began his many Grand Championships at the Celebration with Black Angel in 1943.   The 1943 Championship Stake was the only one held on a Sunday during the first thirty two years.

On May 6, 1946, Black Angel was bought by Knial Kissee, Sparta, Missouri.   By this time word was being received that the Chicago Horse Show would have classes for the world's greatest pleasure horse.  

Black Angel posed.


Beech was still riding Black Angel when she was taken to Chicago where she was triumphant in that great show of November 10, 1946.  Beech retired the Mona Lorenz Memorial Challenge Trophy at the Jackson, Mississippi horse show by winning the Championship Stake for three consecutive years with Black Angel.  

Shown at left with S.W. Beech, Jr. up, as she was being readied for the 1947 show season.

This pretty mare then joined the ranks of the brood matrons. Black Angel was the first World's Grand Champion to have a colt sired by another World's Grand Champion. 

Black Angel was one of a very few mares to win the World Grand Championship and was considered to be one of the greatest Walking Horses that ever lived.

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