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The Morgan is the oldest native American breed of horse.  The entire breed traces back to one foundation stallion, JUSTIN MORGAN (Figure), who lived to be 27 years old, and would be recognized as one of the most incredible horses ever produced in America.  He was described as being 14 hands and weighing 950 pounds.  His entire life was spent either pulling in a harness or competing in horse races, which he invariably won.  In his 27th year, he was kicked by another horse, and due to poor treatment, the wound proved fatal.

The Justin Morgan horse, Figure

The pedigree of Justin Morgan is uncertain, but generally believed to be as follows: 

He was sired by a Thoroughbred named TRUE BRITON, and his dam was allegedly a daughter of DIAMOND.  If this is true, then Justin Morgan traced to the three horses which were the foundations stallions for all Thoroughbreds, THE GOLDOLPHIN ARABIAN, THE DARLEY ARABIAN, and THE BYERLY TURK.  Justin Morgan imparted different traits to the different breeds that he was crossed with.  To the American Saddlebred, he gave beauty, action and military bearing.  To the Morgan, he imparted strength and the ability to trot with great endurance.  The blood of three of his most famous sons, SHERMAN MORGAN, BULLRUSH and WOODBURY MORGAN when combined with the blood of the great HAMBLETONIAN, dominated the American Racing scene for generations.

The Green Mountain Morgan


The two families of Morgan blood that are most closely connected to the development of the Tennessee Walking horses are the RATTLERS and the BULLETS.


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