The Bullett family was of Morgan descent.   In the late 1850's two prominent breeders, Tolbert Fanning and W.R. Ellison, brought shipments of Morgans to Middle Tennessee.  The BULLETT family originated from the group imported by Fanning.   Among the Morgans that came in the original shipment was a stallion named VERMONT BOY, known in Tennessee as FANNING'S VERMONT.  The horse had been bred in Vermont, where Fanning bought him in March, 1857, from one William J. Carter of Hartford.  According to the Trotting Register FANNING'S VERMONT was sired by HALE'S GREEN MOUNTAIN MORGAN, he by GIFFORD MORGAN.  The dam is listed as being by MORGAN TALLYHO, a son of the famous WOODBURY MORGAN.

FANNING'S VERMONT BOY sired two stallions, CHICKAMAUGA and BULLETT.  CHICKAMAUGA was captured during the Civil War and was taken to Illinois;  BULLETT remained in Tennessee and established his own family.

According to Margaret Lindsley Warden in the "TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE" magazine of April, 1949, "BULLETT was a 15 hand bay, bred by J.R. Hill of Lavergne, Tennessee, just a few miles from the Fanning place."  Miss Warden quotes the Morgan Register as indicating that BULLETT was from a dam named STELLA, believed to be by PIKE’S MORGAN.  In any event, the Tennessee BULLETTS have, traditionally, been accepted as MORGAN horses and represent the chief of entry of MORGAN blood into the Tennessee Walking Horse.

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