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Name: Debbie Williams
Email Address: debeneezer@pocketinet.com
Comments: Is is my imagination, or have Walking Horses changed since the 60's, 70's and 80's?  Seems to me that back then they had shorter backs and necks and bigger haunches.  Are the breeders breeding for something else now?
Dec 31, 2003

Name: Jim McCracken
Email Address: jimsjeep@neklen.net
Comments: The owner of Walkers West Inc must be applauded for all the work and research she has put forward for all of us to see and use. The information if combined would fill several books. The Walking Horse History alone is worth the time to research and down load. Any fancier of Walkers will find all this info so very helpful. Also Breeders of Walkers if they use the breeding information she has placed here will have no excuse for a poor horse. When you research Walkers bloodlines as much as I do you can determine what color and bloodline would make the best horse.

I hope that all who read this enjoy what I have said.  The TN WALKING Horse is truly a wonderful animal to love and make part of a family.
Dec 31, 2003

Name: Judy McCracken
Email Address: littlered@neklen.net
Comments: In the beginning God Created the Heavens and Earth.
And as a little extra for us to enjoy and delight in he threw in The TN Walking Horse and all has been well since then..
Dec 31, 2003

Name: Cliff Blossom
Email Address: blossomc@peoplepc.com
Comments: Beautiful site.  Enjoyed my visit.  I still have a lot to see.  Please visit our Woodland Rose Manor site.  I would be interested in your comments.
Dec 29, 2003

Name: Linda
Email Address: nostalgiapark@iprimus.com.au
Comments: Hi, love your page, very interesting and informative. Love the yella walking horses. We breed yella horses. We are in Albury, Australia. Your page is fantastic, I will pass it on. Interested about the walking horses. Would love to see them live, don't know where exactly they may be in Australia. All the best, cheers Linda.
Dec 29, 2003

Name: Jennifer Robinson
Email Address:
Comments:  I love your website you guys have the best horses wish i could come see you.   I love Generators Charmer.  Keep up good work.
Dec 28, 2003

Name: Wendy Dorsey
Email Address: wendysfantachorse2003@yahoo.com
Comments: What are some of the prices for Prides Golden Sunset, Delights Kymes-filly, and Mystic River's baby foal, is it a filly??? P.S. What is the Stud fee for Gold Rush Is On??? Thanks,  Wendy
Dec 27, 2003

Name: Kayse
Email Address: DON'T  HAVE ONE
Comments: i love your web site! i have some Tennessee Walking Horses that have Midnight sun and Merry Go boy in them. and i do Tennessee Walking horse shows all the time!!!!!!                  WELL I HAVE TO GO FEED.         KAYSE  
Dec 25, 2003

Name: Holly Walsh
Email Address: HEWswimnsurf@AOL.com
Comments: you have an awesome site and it sounds like you  really have a love for horses. I'm 11 turning 12 on jan 24. I live in united states. i wish i come and see this awesome place but i can't my parents wouldn't let me MERRY CHRISTMAS
Dec 23, 2003

Name: Tiffany Clark
Email Address: cowgirlmakindust@yahoo.com
Comments: this horse was and still is magnificent. hope that the legend lives on in everyone of his foals.
Dec 23, 2003

Name: Kate Roepke
Email Address: my10cwalker
Comments: I love this site!! So much to do! WOW!!!
Dec 23, 2003

Name: Ralph Cotton
Email Address: RalphC@eamc.org
Comments: I have visited this site many, many times. I appreciate all the historical info concerning the TWH that you have provided. Also the brief bio's involving owners, trainers and others associated with a particular horse. I also appreciate and thank the lady who furnishes the web site for all of us to enjoy. Would like to visit the location someday and even better purchase one of the outstanding horses that I have seen many times. Thanks for your devotion to this pleasant breed of horse. Ralph Cotton
Dec 22, 2003

Name: Craig A Garrett
Email Address: floors2@aol.com
Comments: I found the site to be very good. I called for help in finding a horse, and they were very nice about it.
Dec 22, 2003

Name: Laura
Email Address: soccertigger10@aol.com
Comments: I love Tennessee Walking horses so much, I got one as my first horse! Your web-site is awesome!!!  My family and I will have to drive up to your place, and look at your stallions so we can breed our mare in 04'. Happy Holidays.

Your friend,
Dec 20, 2003

Name: Sally
Email Address: sneakydeezy@aol.com
Comments: OOPS! I meant why isn't MOUNTAIN MANS COPY on your main stallion line up, not Ebony's mountain man. Sorry, I got mixed up.
Dec 18, 2003

Name: Sally
Email Address: Sneakydeezy@aol.com
Comments: I really enjoyed looking at your site! Very informative and you have some of the most beautiful stallions I have ever seen! Especially Gold Rush and Warrior. The World Champion section was my favorite part. Your site has got to be one of the best around. Thank you for creating a site like no other and for the entertainment I get from it.


P.S. Why isn't Ebony's Mountain Man on your home page stallion line up but if I go to the link section and under stallions he is there? Please write back! I hope he hasn't passed away
Dec 18, 2003

Name: sarah wiley
Email Address: dsdf
Comments: this is by far the best horse farm website i have ever seen! It is adorable!! I sent the link to a few other people and they thought it was great too. I normally don't sign guest books but your website deserves major props, its outstanding!! Keep it up!!!
Dec 18, 2003

Name: Veri Tas
Email Address: Veritas@ReflectivelyYOURS.com
Comments: Glad I found your site. Beautiful horses. Nice work! If you have a really nice (unique) silhouette of a walker, I'd like to consider it for my growing collection. I know it's asking a lot, however, if you happen to have it as an EPS or AI file, that would be special. Thank you and keep up the good photo work.
Dec 16, 2003

Name: Patricia Gibson
Email Address: patricia_gibson@sbcglobal.net
Comments: You have an incredible facility. I am looking forward to having our newly acquired three year old spotted Saddle Horse there for training.
Dec 15, 2003

Name: Elise
Email Address: sneakydeezy@aol.com
Comments: Hello, this is Elise Paulson and I signed your book a couple of months ago
and I love your site so much that I decided to sign it once more! Your horses are
absolutely stunning! They also look like they are living in very good living
conditions. I recently purchased a walker making my herd a total of four all of
which are Walker mares. Her name is Gen's Miracle Lady and she is my moms surprise Christmas present. She is also a Versatility Champion and is by the great Pride's Generator. Her dam is an 11 time world champion and 3 time world Grand Champion, Wonder Lady's Delight. She is the COOLEST! Anyway, I love your in-depth detail on the champions and well EVERYTHING. By for now.
Dec 14, 2003

Name: vera scaife
Email Address: gscaife@grmc.com
Comments:  I like your site very much, esp. enjoyed the photos of famous greats of
twh! I love to look back at the foundation stock, for ie. PEARL and so many more.
Thanks so much for your endeavors and hard work to bring this site
to where it is.
Dec 14, 2003

Name: valerie cambric
Email Address: vcbj0@allstate.com
Comments: One of the best web-site I have seen.
Dec 6, 2003

Name: Jordan Carter
Email Address: Lekita_carter2001@yahoo.com
Comments: Your website cool I enjoyed The Whole Nine Yards pictures
Dec 6, 2003

Name: Lauren Hembree
Email Address: AnimalHeavn@aol.com
Comments: Hello! Last August bought a gorgeous solid black TN Walking horse, 10 year old gelding. He is 15.3 hands, with a long flowing mane and tail, and a wonderful disposition. His registered name is Mountain Right (by Mountain Raider, out of Ebony's Mountain Lad and Raider's Fancy Lady). His Dam is Lad's Mountain Mary (by Ebony's Mountain Lad and Raider's Debutante). He has Ebony's Mountain Man and Ebony Masterpiece in his blood line, as well as Sun's Raider.

Anyway, this horse (who I renamed Midnight) is a dream to ride - smooth as silk. My two boys and I love riding in the quiet meadows and scenic ridge tops here in East Tennessee.

Anyway, I always enjoy meeting other Walking horse owners and breeders.
Dec 4, 2003

Name: Tonita Lopes
Email Address: pepi836@eqrthlink.net
Comments: wonderful site. enjoyed it very much. I to own Tennessee walking horse. his name is CoChief. he is black. I really love the breed and think they are very beautiful, especially yours.  very nice.
Dec 2, 2003

Name: Jaime  Stewart
Email Address: RattyLuver89@aol.com
Comments: Tennessee Walkers are my favorite breed of horse and yours are beautiful!!
Dec 1, 2003

Email Address: greeves1@vtaig.com
Comments: would like to visit your ranch and let you look at my young walker/and racking horse (poison zombie--double registered) need advise on him wearing shoes--i live in Athens Texas--also looking for another horse--he is 3 --i took shoes off him--he seems to step differently--thanks Gary Reeves
Dec 1, 2003

Name: Amanda
Email Address: MSSRaffinee07@aol.com
Comments: your horses are BEAUTIFUL!! you have a great website!!
Nov 27, 2003

Name: sadye
Email Address: thebrantleys@cybersouth.com
Comments: hi I'm Sadye Brantley from Vidalia, Georgia. I'm 11-years-old. I'm very impressed by ya's Tennessee walking horses. they are gorgeous & magnificent. my favorite horse was MIDNIGHT SUN & PAINT'S COTTON.  I don't have a horse of my own but someday I will start a ranch just like yours. i will call it midnight cotton walkers ranch.
Nov 27, 2003

Name: Rebekah  March
Email Address: mowershop301@yahoo.com
Comments: It is so cool I try to come to this site every single day.  I love POWDER RIVER  HE WAS TOTALLY COOL! The foals were cute (but fragile.) The jigsaw puzzles were so fun.  SOMEDAY (WHEN I'm old enough) I'll come and help out . You know that sign above that says come back again!   WELL YOU CAN COUNT ON ME!
Nov 25, 2003

Name: Keri Ragland
Email Address: drspot@msn.com
Comments: You have very beautiful horses and they look very happy and healthy where they are. Keep up the good work!!!
Nov 24, 2003

Name: bob mcguire
Email Address: happyhour@hotmail.com
Comments: this is a great website. THANKS FOR THE SITE                BOB MCGUIRE    WESTMORELAND TN.
Nov 24, 2003

Name: H.E. Brown
Email Address: buff41425@yahoo.com
Comments: The Horses are Beautiful:  Thanks for letting us come in to see Them, My Grand children are Half Cherokee Indian and they really love the Horses, it is such a pleasure to find something on the computer like these.  ROSE
Nov 24, 2003

Name: Whitey Briscoe
Email Address:
Comments: Hi Mary Ellen   From Whitey and Louise
Nov 18, 2003

Name: Kathy Abbott
Email Address: Jimmy 187@MissCoNet.com
sir, I was excited to see this page about Prides Generator. I last year purchased a off spring of Generating Threat  who is a colt of this beautiful horse. we are new to having horses, but I knew there had to be something special about this horse. she is so smart and has such a air of dignity about her.  makes me wish she was in competition also. but as I said we are new at this. I am glad I was lucky enough to get such a good horse.  thank you for the information.  
Nov 16, 2003

Name: Joe & Kay Hutchison
Email Address: joe_kayhutchison@hotmail.com
Comments: Great website - love the music.  The pictures are very clear.  Thanks Kay
Nov 16, 2003

Name: joy cote
Email Address: joyintennessee@yahoo.com
Comments: yes, i have interst in the foal, ror 3,0 whatever. can you get back to me, he right upbove a palomino,. joy cote, my e mail is up above, po box 51674, knoxville tn 37950.
 joy cote.. #1 co-op. i am a farmer.. student farmer. please give word when read,. xxoo.. tn.
Nov 15, 2003

Name: Emily and Sally Van Duyn
Email Address: s.vanduyn@att.net
Comments: Hello, i speak on behalf of my mom and I. We love your horses. We have a farm that we just bought and are looking to put some horses on it. I saw yours on the internet, and thought they were gorgeous. My mom used to have Walkers herself, so she won't settle for anything less now. Your horses are gorgeous, and we hope to becoming up to Dallas from Austin (where we live) soon. Thanks for your time,
Emily and Sally.
Nov 14, 2003

Name: Rose from Va.
Email Address: rodeoqueen51@peoplepc.com
Comments: One of the best horse sites I've seen. Very entertaining and holds interest very well. If more of my friends rode walkers, I would certainly purchase one from you. Rose Lassiter, Chesapeake, Va.
Nov 12, 2003

Name: Blake Milby
Email Address: blakehmilby16@hotmail.com
Comments: Hi
Thank you for putting The Pusher C. G.'s birthday & RPM's birthday. I didn't know until I first went on your site that RPM was born on my birthday. Do you know what The Pusher C. G died of? If you do would you please tell me what he died of? Once again I like your world champions list, and your site. If you know what Dark Sprit's Rebel did would you please tell me? I love walking horses. Thank you.
Nov 12, 2003

Name: Jordan Carter
Email Address: Lekita_carter2001@yahoo.com
Nov 12, 2003

Name: Katie
Email Address: henjanelli@aol.com
Comments: I just stumbled on your Betty/Shocker tribute page and I wanted to tell you how much I loved seeing the photos. My family bought the farm across the road from Betty's in 1976 when I was eight years old. For the next ten years, I spent much of my free time hanging around her barn, exercising her horses, meeting the stream of fascinating characters who came to her barn, and enjoying knowing one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. My parents and siblings loved Betty as well and she was an always entertaining guest at our house at least once a week for years. She was a huge influence in my life.

Betty had a gift with animals that was quite simply amazing. The last time I saw her, in the late eighties, she had been forced off her beloved farm by finances and was living with her mother in her childhood home in "downtown" Bell Buckle. The few horses she still owned were boarded at various farms in the area, which broke her heart. But at home, she had a small brown bird - some sort of common Tennessee songbird she had nursed back to health - and she had taught this bird to talk and sing. The bird could talk as well as any African Grey parrot. It was astonishing.

Shocker was an astounding animal. He was huge, gorgeous, and difficult to handle. ONLY Betty could handle Shocker. No one else could even get in his stall but he adored Betty. His offspring constitute some of the most talented and beautiful flatshod Walkers in the world, but the TWH show horse community shunned Betty because of her outspoken opposition to what was then widespread soring. And most of the show world men hated her. She was loud, gorgeous, eccentric, and so talented that she could not be ignored.

She was one of the earliest proponents of TWH versatility; I remember traveling with her to watch her ride in Nashville's annual Iriquois steeplechase. She ran the steeplechase on - I think - Shocker's Stardust, a beautiful mare. She also rode her horses western, trail, and trained many of them to do dressage moves and tricks, like counting by tapping their hooves. When she rode, she would let her waist length blonde hair down from its usual severe bun and it would stream out behind her - this tiny, beautiful blonde woman on these large, flashy gaited horses was a sight not to be missed.

My family still lives in Bell Buckle, while I live in Knoxville, TN. I now ride hunter jumpers, as does my eight year old daughter. I tell her Betty Sain stories every time we drive past Betty's farm. Seeing it now makes me very sad. It had been her pride and joy and she bought it with her winnings from her Grand Championship on Shocker. Shocker is buried by the barn, with a beautiful headstone, and I hope the people who own the farm now tend his gravesite the way Betty did. She *adored* that horse.

Katie Allison Granju
Knoxville, TN
Nov 12, 2003

Email Address: slomo4425@yahoo.com


Nov 9, 2003

Name: Cindi Maul
Email Address: Cmaul@coastallendingservices.com
Comments: Mary Ellen,

My family visited your barn this July while we were on vacation in Texas. I just wanted to thank you and your trainer for showing us around. The tape you gave us of Powder River we watched as soon as we returned to Florida and I enjoyed it very much. Powder River is a beauty! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to show us around and your hospitality.
Cindi and Family
from Deland,Florida
Nov 8, 2003

Name: PTP
Email Address: ptpiv@yahoo.com
Comments: Loved reading the page about Carbon Copy.  Most beautiful horse I've ever seen.  I got to see him work an exhibition at Shelbyville in 1975 or 76.  I don't know a lot about horses, but even at that age, I think he probably could've beaten most of the horses in the show.  The crowd went wild.  Copy was still perfect, a natural.

I never heard what happened to him after the Lenox family had to sell him, never knew when he died.  I grew up and still live just a few miles from the old Lenox farm.  My vet's office had a huge portrait of Carbon Copy hanging in their waiting room for years.  Wonder whatever happened to it? 
Nov 7, 2003

Name: Blake Milby
Email Address: blakehmilby16@hotmail.com
Comments: I like the world champions list. Could you add RPM's birth day. Could you also add the Pusher C.G's birthday.  P.S: please write back.    Blake Milby 
Webmaster's note:  Thank you for your kind words.  You can find the birthdates of the World Champions in the lower left hand corner of the pedigrees.  Pusher's was 04/04/72 and RPM's is 05/16/94. 
Nov 7, 2003

Name: Connie Graves
Email Address: BLONDEBRUMBY@aol.com
Comments: AMAZING  WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 5, 2003

Name: Joe Scott
Email Address: joe.scott@ncmail.net
Comments: I'll never forget my first time as a child coming to the celebration, in
1969. I remember going out to Beech's Stables and finding out that Merry
Go Boy had just died the previous month, and seeing his grave. But it
really was a thrill to see Shadow and getting to pet him. He was still
pretty at 17. I've always thought he was one of the main forerunners in
the fine looking walking horses. He was beautiful. I really enjoy this
website.  Joe Scott
Nov 5, 2003

Name: Sabria McLaughlin
Email Address: sabria824@hotmail.com
Comments: I have never seen so many beautiful Tennessee Walkers in my life that are sooooo gorgeous. And I have never met a person who is as dedicated to the Walkers as I am. And also think that your site is fascinating!!!!!
Nov 5, 2003

Name: Moses L. Snipes
Email Address: mlsnipes@aol.com
Comments: Very, very impressive site.  I will certainly return.
Nov 5, 2003

Name: Audrey Krause
Email Address: villahouse@iwc.net
Comments: I enjoyed your website.  I do not own any horses, but they are truly beautiful creatures.  Your music was also enjoyable.
Thank you,
Audrey Krause
Nov 5, 2003

Name: Katie Frieling
Email Address: rider91_67@hotmail.com
Comments: I love your website.  I visit very often.  I want a horse really bad but my mom and pops won't let me.  Email me soon.
Nov 4, 2003

Name: Roxanne M
Email Address: rj.thompson@sasktel.net
Comments: Your Merry Go Boy site sure hit me! It's midnight here and I"m astounded.  I "adopted" Keen's Magic Go Boy a couple years ago.  Foaled in May 1981. (He's still a real handful!)  Browsing through your site the name just caught my eye.  I guess I didn't realize who I had.  He goes back only 3 Gens directly to Midnight Sun AND Merry Go Boy.....I"m so excited I had to call all my friends, ( Funny, at this hour they weren't quite as excited as I am??? Hmmmm... I just don't get "non" horse people!!)
Anyhooo.....just thought I'd let you know you made my night.

Saskatchewan, Canada.
Nov 4, 2003

Name: Louise Briltz
Email Address: lbriltz@vennercs.com
Comments: What a wonderful website! A person could certainly spend hours here. I only wish our distance wasn't so great, but accept my compliments from a horse-nut in Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada
Nov 1, 2003

Name: janny siersema
Email Address: jsiersema@freler.nl
Comments: very useful information!!!!!!!!
Nov 1, 2003

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