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Name: Warren N. Rice
Email Address:
Comments: Hello everyone.  Congratulations to Shima and Doug on the birth of their first.  I just found I was related, by marriage, to Doug.  Now I can't wait to visit friends near my old stomping grounds of DFW and Ft. Hood (Killeen). I am sure to learn quite a bit at the ranch.  Put me to work.  Very nice site.  I love the puzzles.
May 22, 2003

Name: Natasha Stallcop
Email Address:
Comments: I have visited this site before I was wondering if you could send me some pics of your stallions? I would really appreciate it.
May 21, 2003

Name: benny  peoples
Email Address:
Comments: thinking bout buying a stud colt and like your stud horse.
May 20, 2003

Name: Jerrod Worsham
Email Address:
Comments: You have a lot nice stud horses and mares if i some money i would by at least two or three of your walkers also your web page is marvelous
May 19, 2003

Name: sheila heath
Email Address:
Comments: looking for a walking horse,  saw some interesting pictures here. love palominos and you have some pretty ones
May 15, 2003

Name: Lana Djenfer
Email Address:
Comments: I love your horses, and your website, I visit it often. I was introduced to walkers in Michigan by a neighbor, and then my father bought a mare, and then a stallion, I love these horses, and I love to ride. I would love to visit sometime. Thanks Lana
May 13, 2003

Name: evelyn hobbs
Email Address:
Comments: i love spending the evening looking at your website and horses are beautiful and the foundation site is super. wished i lived closer, i am in Ohio   please stay on the web    it is great!
May 12, 2003

Name: Dixie Douglas
Email Address:
Comments: hey i'm Glen Loe's great granddaughter i am pleased to know that someone really took notice of the world grand champion.
May 12, 2003

Name: vlekje
Email Address:
Comments: yea, your site totally rulez
May 7, 2003

Name: Amanda
Email Address:
Comments: You have very beautiful horses! This a really neat site. I loved the virtual tour of your barn.
May 7, 2003

Name: carrie ann
Email Address:
May 1, 2003

Name: Stephanie Curtis
Email Address:
Comments: I think you have a wonderful web page that displays Tennessee Walking horses beautifully and looks like a great place for a horse to live. You own one of my parents old mares, well she's young but her name to us was BLU.
April 27, 2003

Name: Amanda Loyd
Email Address:
Comments: I really love these beautiful horses you all have. I just purchased my first walker who is only 2. I am still a beginner at walking horses, but hope to become an expert someday.  I love the web site.
April 25, 2003

Email Address: WAYMAKER773@AOL.COM
Comments: I love your web site. It brings back so many memories on my walker!!! Thanks!! Love your web site!
April 24, 2003

Name: Catherine Chu
Email Address:
Comments:  I love Tennesse Walking Horses, they are my favorite breed. Unfortunately, my parents never say a single good thing about animals except, "Wow! That is a beautiful (type of animal)!" Can you ever give me info on Tennesse Walking Horses?
April 22, 2003

Name: Bethany Cole
Email Address:
Comments: Congratulations on Powder Rivers New Foals. Have they named them yet?
April 21, 2003

Name: jonah  Aba
Email Address:
Comments: think you horses are the most beautiful I've ever seen. We bought a 100 acre ranch in Brenham a year ago  and it has always been my dream to have and run an upscale horse farm. If you have any advice to share I'd love it. God Bless Dreams! Thank You for Your time
Connie B.
April 6, 2003

Name: Julie Scott
Email Address:
Comments: Walkers West is my favorite site! I can spend hours on it.
April 5, 2003

Name: Darryl Smith
Email Address:
Comments: I was looking at an issue of Horse Illustrated and I wanted to find who owned that beautiful horse Powder River and discovered it was walker west. I have visited this website many times in the past but I was just browsing. I am from Midway Alabama and I know Carol YoungBlood. She used to own Paint Handshaker. She lives in Union Springs Alabama about 14 miles from Midway. I also know Shane Hartwig, the guy that trained and showed Paint Handshaker.
April 4, 2003

Name: erynn-jo steiner
Email Address:
Comments: i love this site and i love walkers. i have a walker of my own his name is sunny and hes a palomino. once you ride a walker you never go back to any other horse. one day i hope to have a twh breeding farm. oh and one last thing the Gold Rush Is On is a very handsome stallion!!!!!
April 4, 2003

Name: travis c graham
Email Address:
Comments: i've been looking in from time to time to see what's for sales and i'll be back
April 3, 2003

Name: melissa bailey
Email Address:
Comments: Great site!  Powder River is a real looker...lucky girl.  Melissa
March 31, 2003

Name: josephine datis
Email Address:
Comments: I enjoyed your tour and looking at your horses. Thank you, jo
March 30, 2003

Name: Connie Benestante
Email Address:
Comments: I think you horses are the most beautiful I've ever seen. We bought a 100 acre ranch in Brenham a year ago  and it has always been my dream to have and run an upscale horse farm. If you have any advice to share I'd love it. God Bless Dreams! Thank You fro Your time
Connie B.
12302 Sawmill Rd.
March 30, 2003

Name: teri
Email Address:
Comments: Love the site  I have a walker mare and love her too.  Her name is ginger
March 20, 2003

Name: Carol Mahoney
Email Address:
Comments: This is the most marvelous website I have ever seen!  Nothing like the TWH. Thank you.  I will have many more hours of enjoyment here.
March 19, 2003

Name: bruce & dawn simpkins
Email Address:
Comments: this is a beautiful site but I'd still like 2 find some place where we can chat live with people that have walkers. we have walkers from Pearl Tompkins stock out of Montana but it's always nice 2 chat with others.  will visit again I can assure u.
March 19, 2003

Name: judith wheeler
Email Address:
Comments: It was such a pleasure to talk to you Mary Ellen and I'm so excited to even think of pursuing the rest of my life time dreams. My love of horses and all animals have added that special corner to my incredible life and the lives of my children.
March 19, 2003

Email Address:
Comments: I really enjoy looking at all of your horses and seeing what they have accomplished.  It is a really nice website. Thanks for putting it out there for people to see.  Sincerely, Eric Cunningham.
March 15, 2003

Name: Tina Waldron
Email Address:
Comments: You have some very beautiful horses.  I am mainly interested in trail horses.  Gaited horses are the only way to go down the trail in comfort.
March 12, 2003

Name: Marie Thompson
Email Address:
Comments: Thank you for the wonderful tour of your barns.  I loved it. I really enjoyed the "ghosts," so interesting and educational.  I'm sure I will be there again.  You have a great day! 
Mrs. Marie Thompson
March 11, 2003

Name: NaKenzie Faith Hall
Email Address:
Comments: I really enjoyed the Walkers West virtual tour.  I really wish that I could meet you in person.  I have a strong love for horses, and enjoys being with them.  I have a 2 1/2 year saddlebred filly.  In my town I'm basically the only female who rides horse.  Right now I'm in the process of training my horse to ride and to be gentle. With your prayer hopefully I can be successful. I live approximately 2 1/2 hours from the Gulf Coast, so if you're in Mississippi one day please email me, and hopefully one day I could actually travel to Texas to visit you and your beautiful horses. God Bless,  Love NaKenzie
March 10, 2003

Name: Tammy Hensley
Email Address:
Comments: Just wanted to say that Powder River is a gorgeous horse!!  And your website is the most intersting and informative site I've been on.  Tammy
March 09, 2003

Name: Dave Anderson
Email Address:
Comments: I visit your site often.
Mar. 08/2003

Name: Ginny Woodcock
Email Address:
Comments: I think I spent 3 hours at your site last night.  Yours is the best TWH site I've seen.  I especially loved everything you have about the greats and the foundation horses.  Thanks for all your hard work.
Mar. 05/2003

Name: derrick levias
Email Address:
Comments: you guys have some great looking horses on your website.
Mar. 04/2003

Name: Colleen Morse
Email Address:
Comments: I've always wanted my very own Horse.
Mar. 03/2003

Name: Janis Jessup
Email Address:
Comments: What a fantastic website and fine group of horses! I stumbled on your site while surfing the horse part of the web. I have Arabians and Paints and a Morgan to boot! I am involved in endurance racing at the present and enjoy a fine horse of any breed.  I have had a Spotted Saddle Horse and enjoyed the gaited way of traveling very much. Some day I am sure to buy another gaited horse and your type of horse is what I will be looking for. You have the finest collection of horses I have seen. You should be proud and happy. I am a real-estate agent also and find I am running clients around alot and don't always have as much time for riding as I would prefer but you gotta buy hay and grain for the critters right! Well, I will quit bending your ear, but I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your website! Thankyou for some uplifting of the spirit on a otherwise cold dreary winter day...Take Care ,  Jan Jessup, Springdale Farm, Camby, Indiana
Mar. 02/2003

Name: Justin Christian
Email Address:
Comments: A really great page.  We train Tenn. Racking Horses.
Feb. 28/2003

Name: Pamela Donoho
Email Address: QtrHrse012@AOL.COM 
Comments: I loved your web-site it was amazing.  I am a Tennessee Walking Horse lover and will never own any other breed.
Feb. 27/2003

Name: Alicia
Email Address:
Comments: I love your web site. I also love the story on midnight sun's life. I have many horses that carry his bloodline. From the way it sounds he was a great horse.  well thanks for the story on midnight sun.
Feb. 26/2003

Name: Someone that loves horses.
Comments: Hey!  I'm 12 years old and I love horses!!  I had a horse from Armed and Dangerous.  Her name was A&D's Champagne Kisses.  That was my first padded horse I had ever ridden, and I absolutely loved her.  I ride for Tim Holey and them.  I used to be with Neal Roberson before he died.  He was really the one that got me into padded horses, because until then, I'd always rode flat shod.  I kind of got tired of seeing the ground with them, so now the only horse I will ride is a padded horse.  Well, got to go, but if you got a list of the horse shows for this year, will you send it to me?  thanks.
Feb. 22/2003

Name: Mike Harris
Email Address:
Comments: your web site is to me the most interesting one that i have seen.  i am just learning about the breed. i have 3 reg. horses and find the work you have done on the history of the breed
is wonderful.
Feb. 21/2003

Email Address:
You have really put a lot of work into this site and it shows for sure.
I am a TN Walker fan and have been so for years. I married a lady who owned Walkers at the time we married.  So I learned to ride and love Walkers. In the late 1970s 1977 in fact we moved to Orlando FL and lived in that area for several years. While there we bought a Golden Palomino Walker from Mr. Floyd Purcell. He and us hit it off from the first. We went to the FL Sate Celebration as his guest and sat along beside him in his booth. This man was a walking encyclopedia on TN Walkers a horse would enter the ring and he could tell you sire and dam of that horse every time.

After the Show was over he invited us to dine with him and three of his close friends and we did. We sat down at the table and first to come in and sit down and talk with us was MR. STEVE HILL, a very well known and versed Walker man. Then came in MR. S. W. Beech, also well versed and well known. And then in came  Mr. Buddy Kirby, also well known and well versed. Well after three hours of talking walkers and eating were finished up what was one of the best dinners we ever had. And what a wonderful evening we had.

A few months later I was talking via phone to Ms Sharon Brandon at TWHBEA and mentioned I knew Mr. Purcell she laughed and said yes we do to he is a wonderful man to know. She said I should spend as much time with him as possible and listen and learn. She said MR. Floyd as she called him came in every time he bought a horse. And would spend the day with them at the offices. She also said he was a TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN.   

In the last few years MR. Floyd Purcell has died and left a big open spot in my life. I will never forget what he told me about breeding Walkers. " BREED THE BEST YOU GOT TO THE BEST YOU CAN FIND"

Sincerely, Mr. JIM       Jim McCracken
Feb. 20/2003

Name: Bailey Momb
Email Address:
Comments: Your website was very detailed.  I enjoyed going through all the the links.
Feb. 17/2003

Name: Carol Ann
Email Address:
Comments: WOW! So much good info... I've bookmarked your site for future visits!  Continued success to you. Carol
Feb. 17/2003

Email Address: Schevy503
Comments: You have some beautiful horses and a beautiful place. I must visit it one day, like very soon. Will keep visiting it on line.  Hope some day to have my own ranch.
Feb. 12/2003

Feb. 12/2003

Name: Pat Bauer
Email Address:
Comments: Wish I lived closer to your ranch!  I've not been to such a large operation; it's quite impressive!   I'd loved to spend a couple of days SOAKING up information & meeting you all!   I have a registered TWH whose name is SUNNY (THE GENERAL'S CADILLAC).  His coloring & markings are like that of the Chestnut that Mr. Smiley's riding in the 1st shot.   Just like the owner/manager of Walkers West, I too fell in love with the Walkers after 1st site (and ride!).   You all have a fabulous place!  Keep up the great work that you are Gently doing with this fine breed of horse!    PBB
Feb. 11/2003

Name: Sherry Oxford
Email Address:
Comments: Enjoyed your website!
Feb. 07/2003

Name: Lynne Jones/Magnolia Springs Farm
Email Address:
Comments: Once again I have enjoyed your site.  I truly enjoy your legends page as I've seen so many of these horses from 1961 to present win the roses.  That site brings back many great memories! Great site.............Lynne
Feb. 06/2003

Name: Liza DuPuy
Email Address:
Comments: What a wonderful website.  I totally enjoyed my visit.  Great pictures of your equine family.  We are currently in the market for a good family horse and thought I would check it out.  Have a great show season.
Feb. 05/2003

Name: Carol
Email Address:
Comments: Well, I finally have my TWH gelding - a 5 yr old.  Now I need a saddle that fits.  I'm considering a Tucker endurance saddle or equitation saddle.  Has anyone had experience with them or do you recommend some other brand.  If so, why? 
Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
Feb. 03/2003

Name: Dannie
Email Address:
Comments: Great page! And some very beautiful horses!
Feb. 01/2003

Name: Debbie Maple
Email Address: mapleponnie
Comments: I bought a Tennessee Walking Horse in August of 2002. This is my first horse. His gait is so smooth. I just love this breed of horse. I am trying to learn as much as I can about this breed. You have a great website. Thank You
Jan 16/2003

Name: Susan Crowley
Email Address:
Comments: I have really enjoyed this website!  So much information, and beautiful pictures.  So much work and research has gone into this site, you should be commended!  My father owned PRIDE'S GENERATOR, and I enjoy learning about him and the horses he has sired.  Keep up the good work.
Jan 22/2003

Name: Brittney Blackwell
Email Address:
Comments: UM U R GREAT I luv horses
Jan 16/2003

Name: Carolyn Luetgens
Email Address:
Comments: I really liked your site and music. Couldn't agree with you more about praying for peace--nothing else seems to work--couldn't hurt.  Know where I can purchase a McCurdy Plantation horse? -- doesn't have to be perfect-- pleasure only.
Jan 14/2003

Name: Deedy Decker
Email Address:
Comments: Great site!
Jan 14/2003

Name: Nell Roberts
Email Address:
Comments: I love Tennessee walkers and I have a part walker that can really travel but there is one problem.  I had her trained by a friend that is black person and is good with horses and he can get on her and she will really do what she is supposed to do.  I can get on her and she rides rougher than most quarter hoses.  I do not know how to get her to gait correctly and no one is available now to teach me.  I live in Prescott ark. and would like to know how long and how much it could cost for your trainer to teach me to just get her to smooth out.  I am 53 and am not able to ride the rough gait.
Please reply, I love my horse and really love to ride.
Jan 11/2003

Name: Cory D. Stokes
Email Address:
Comments: Very Nice website
Jan 10/2003

Name: Jane Hollis
Email Address:
Comments: Your web site is awesome!!! Jane Hollis @
Jan 10/2003

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