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Name: Regina Audet
Email Address: ernie audet@gmvt.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hi Walkers West, like your website and your horses. I live in Bridgeport Vermont and I was wondering if you had a good horse and I was wondering if you had any western horses for sale.
Dec. 31/04

Name: Lindsay Audet
Email Address: ernie audet@gmvt.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I like the horse Jomop. He's your for sale horse and I think that he is a beautiful horse. I think all of your horses are beautiful horses but I really like Jomop. I like all of your horses and I think that your website it is very cool and your horse Jomop I think is a very handsome horse and the coolest horse
Dec. 31/04

Name: Jordan  Carter
Email Address: jordancarter10@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your website.  It is truly amazing and I love the pictures.   I am 9 and I enjoy your site. I live in Hamilton, Alabama.   Me and my uncle own a 200 foot long barn and we have stalls for rent.   Walkers West: I LOVE YOUR SITE !
Dec. 30/04

Name: Jerry W. Harris
Email Address: jerry@whatahorse.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I reeally like this site and you are right...... you do have a lot of information about the Tennessee Walking Horse.
Dec. 29/04

Name: Logan T. Jenkins, Jr.
Email Address: Jenkinsrawhide@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Found the story of Tom Hal and Marion Kittrell of interest as I currently own the old Kittrell farm, 3 miles out Coles Ferry Pike from Lebanon.  Kittrell's mansion still stands and I reside there although its front has been remodeled.  The large barn eventually fell down and was removed.  It had numbered stalls, granaries, and scales and there was a blacksmith shop very close to it.  It is located at 3215 Coles Ferry pike, Lebanon 37087.

Logan Jenkins
Dec. 24/04

Name: Kalinka
Email Address: Kalinka@hotmail.com
Country: Zimbabwe
Comments: Saluti da i nostri blog su feed.
Dec. 24/04

Name: Jessica
Email Address: Pookanooy@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Love the site. I like Tennessee walker.
Dec. 24/04

Name: Karen Dawn Caplenor
Email Address: Caplenork@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: To Whom It May Concern,
You have certainly taken pride in your web site and I admire your love for these magnificent Horses and wanted you to know I appreciate the time that has been taken in the information on Ebony Masterpiece.
I was doing some research on a Mare I have purchased EB'S Rambling Rose.
Her Great-Great Grandfather was but the Stunning, and breathtaking Ebony Masterpiece.
I hope I have not troubled you with this small note, I was just so excited to see some of her family tree. If she only knew what a grand line of stock she came from, she would have even more assurance about herself, than she already has.
Karen D. Caplenor
Lebanon, TN.

Happy Holidays
Dec. 20/04

Name: Rachel
Email Address: I would rather not sign my e-mail address, please.
Country:   USA
Comments:  I really like that you display your barn so people can look through it! Your horses are gorgeous I especially like The Gold Rush is On, a fabulous horse indeed!
Dec. 19/04

Name: Jordan Carter
Email Address: Lekita_carter@Yahoo
Country:   USA
Comments: I really love your website and I like the pictures A LOT!
Dec. 16/04

Name: Kelli Robinson
Email Address: johnpaulkelly@bellsouth.net
Country:   USA
Comments: Excellent website. I am finally glad to see someone who truly loves this magnificent animal enough to dedicate such a wonderful website to past and present.
Dec. 12/04

Name: D&L Hoofprints Ranch
Email Address: dlshem@egyptian.net
Country:   USA
Comments: We own a mare out of Merry Boys F-88, Allan F-1 shows on her papers. You have a wonderful web site. Very informative. We are constantly searching for "old blood" to breed her off-spring mares to.
Dec. 12/04

Name: Michael Mongold
Email Address: jmpowerscore@cfl.rr.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I would like to thank you so much for such a wonderful web site to look at. All my life I have loved horses, I had a show horse years ago. My dad sold him with out me knowing it. It was due to my parents breaking up. I had saved to get another one but due to the hurricanes I went through in Florida I won't be able to. I am so grateful to find your site and at least be able to look at the horses. Again thank you very much.
Dec. 05/04

Name: Ashley Browne
Email Address: BelovedArabians@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hey, I have mailed you once before. I have fell in love with one of you Tennessee Walkers. He is so gorgeous. But unfortunately I can't have a horse just yet because I'm only 13 years old. I have loved Tennessee Walkers a long time. But the lady I work for at Debut Arabians say its better to get Arabians. I don't have the love for Arabians as much as I love Tennessee Walkers. She tried to persuade me with a pic of an Arabian with a high step because I said I love Tennessee Walkers because of their walk, and because they have the most comfortable gait. Well please email me back i love to hear from you. Bye-Bye, I always check out your site. well, thanks.
Dec. 04/04

Name: Kasie Kimball
Email Address: basketball_enemy_41@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: HEY I just read your page and I LOVED it.  IT was the best. I have two horses of my own.  I have two Morgans, Pride and Firemaker.  They are so beautiful.  Do you have any advice for me to help me understand their moods. Because Pride has a stubborn problem, but I guess that is just him. well thanks for your time.
Dec. 03/04

Name: doc
Email Address: doc@bentoncounty.info  
Country:   USA
Comments: Nice website.
Dec. 01/04

Name: eze ala
Email Address: ezeala@yahoo.fr 
Country: Austria 
Comments: i love this site very wellll
Dec. 01/04

Name: Gale
Email Address: wildfire2002@maverickbbs.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hey Gals!! LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!! FYI photo album 4 & 5 are identical. thought you might need to know that.....

                    Thanks, Gale... misdirected link.. it's fixed now.  : ))  JH

Nov 28/04

Name: Beth Patty
Email Address: ljpatty@bellsouth.net 
Country:   USA
Comments: I love looking at the old foundation horses pictures and all the information about all of them. I could spend hours on your web site reading and looking. You have spent alot of time putting all this together. We have TWHs with some foundation blood lines and it was very interesting to see the similarities in conformation. Great informative web site!! 
Nov 28/04

Name: Mikela Hudson
Email Address: huddoes@switfdsl.com.au 
Country:   Australia
Comments: hi

i love horses and ponies that i want a pony or horse of my own but my mum and dad willn't buy me one even though the horse is low $6'000. i wish i could have one.
Nov 27/04

Name: Kayla Joseph
Email Address: TurtleBug@aol.com 
Country:   USA
Comments: i really like the puzzles
Nov 26/04

Name: Ashlie
Email Address: Cowgrl1345@AOL.COM 
Country:   USA
Nov 25/04

Name: worldclass high performance lab
Email Address: worldclasscn@yahoo.com 
Country:   USA
Comments: Happy Thanksgiving - give thanks for your horses

Our Mission : 

To Aid Horses In Achieving Top Performance, 

Looks, Well Being and Excellence 
Nov 25/04

Name: Gary Hill
Email Address: FtFrkGary@aol.com 
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your web site! See ya on Wed! Gary
Nov 23/04

Name: Jackie Land
Email Address: jackie.land@avnet.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hi Ms. Mary Ellen, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and touring your barns and facilities and to thank you for allowing me to take a ride on The Boss. We really enjoyed our visit with you and your horses and the other critters as well. We are looking forward to coming back down and are planning to stay more than just overnight. Thank you for your hospitality and for letting us enjoy a quick ride before we headed out. Hopefully you will be able to join us when we come back to pick up Miss Pushy. I am sure she is doing well. Let us know when she is ready to breed. Thanks again, Jackie and Joe Land
Nov 16/04

Name: Jennifer Mitchell
Email Address: Soon2BWedd05@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your all's web site, and i was wondering if you all could tell me how i could contact the owners of The Touch and how to breed to him. please e-mail me back thanks a lot.
Nov 16/04

Name: Ashley Zsofka
Email Address: c21dreamscometrue@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your website! I too love Tennessee Walkers. I ride English, Western, and bareback. I ride in Massachusetts at a barn called Green Brier farm. i hope to visit you some day.
Hinsdale, MASS
Nov 16/04

Name: rhiannon mitchell
Email Address: angel3_2010@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: i love your site i like how you keep it so organized look at your site every day to see if anything has changed. I have been looking at the for sale list. you have a lot of gorgeous horses.

Nov 14/04

Name:  jessica buss
Email Address: restricted
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your website! Almost everyday i come on your website. I hope to earn the amount of money to breed my horse [Dazzle] to Bum's Warrior pretty soon. My days have come by and yours to. I'm going to tell you a little about myself. I've been riding horses since i was 6. I've always loved Tennessee Walkers since i was little. I have very little friends so i'm lonely. The only friends i have is my 2 horses [Sundance and Dazzle]. Sundance is a Appaloosa Quarter Horse and he is 24 years old. Dazzle is a registered palomino Quarter Horse and is about 13 years old. I also live in Georgia.

Jessica Buss
Nov 12/04

Name: Barbara Bellavia
Email Address: babs7979@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Beautiful website and gorgeous horses. You definitely have what it takes to produce and continue your success. Best regards!
Nov 12/04

Name: Hannah Weinberg
Email Address: boots21884@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Having come and visited Walkers West on the internet many times over the past year and half have been very informative for me. I was excited and happy to see the Colt's College, because I have a yearling filly that I want to show next year and it will be very helpful to come back and check to see if I'm doing things correctly. Thanks for a wonderful website to visit!
Nov 9/04

Name: alyssa
Email Address: cwest@cinci.rr.com
Country:   USA
Comments: i love your website! i'm horse-crazy! i ride at green township stables. i ride western. i'm looking for a barrel racing/trail buddy -Alyssa age:11 Ohio
Nov 9/04

Name: Dale Woodall
Email Address: dale.woodall@mail.state.ar.us
Country:   USA
Comments: I have the good fortune to own one of your horses and that is how I found you. Thanks for all the help you have been in helping me run down papers for A Temptation and giving me some background on him. I am somewhat new to Tennessee Walkers but have had horses all my life. Thanks again for putting up with all my questions.
Nov 9/04

Name: wanda smith
Email Address: shortcut2u2@aol.com  
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your web site I have learned so much about the history of the walking horse . I have got to see pictures of my horses great sires and it just really has meant a lot to me to visit this site. thank you!!!
Nov 7/04

Country:   USA
Comments: I have really enjoyed your website, it's has more info than other I have seen, and I love the legends, all in info right there, I just think it's wonderful, and have passed it on to some of my horse show buddies and they loved it also.   Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
Lora Lawrence
Jackson, Tn.
Nov 7/04

Name: Kelvin Elzie
Email Address: n/a
Country:   USA
Comments: I really enjoyed visiting these site. I enjoy looking at great looking horses and these are some great looking horses. I am a big Tennessee Walker fan and if I ever visit Dallas I would like to stop in for a visit.
Nov 2/04

Name: Melinda Lovely
Email Address: melindalovely@msn.com
Country:   USA
Comments: i am looking for information on a mare named Another Hopeful Star, sired by Another Masterpiece.
Oct 28/04

Name: penny
Email Address: angel_eyes_61880@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: hello i was just browsing. And i came to your website. i writing to tell you that i think u have a lot of beautiful horses and i loved looking at them.
Oct 25/04

Name: Jeannie Jackson
Email Address: Calamityjeannie@aol.com
Comments: Just visited your website and and am interested in importing a Tennessee Walker mare. Really enjoyed visiting your site
Oct 24, 2004

Name: Ashley Browne
Email Address: Darkangelmiyoko@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hey!  I love horses. My mom said that i could get a Tennessee Walker! even though I'm only thirteen. A lady named Lane Williams is training me to ride English saddle! well got to go!
Oct 19/04, 2004

Name: Brandie Desso
Email Address: Desso6869@westel.com
Country:   CANADA
Comments: I love Walkers West because I love Tennessee Walking Horses, and I love horses.
Oct 16/04, 2004

Name: Marsha Tatroe
Email Address: topsekret@mcsi.net
Country:   USA
Comments: I visited your Web site, and want to tell you that I really liked it a lot.  Your horses look wonderful too.  I live in Roseburg Oregon.  ....  I sure enjoyed your web site. Have a great day.
Later Marsh
Oct 16/04, 2004

Name: Gaye Morton
Email Address: royallegs@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hey Mary Ellen,

Since I can't visit in person much right now, I check out your website which has become gloriously COMPLEX!!  So many interesting features.  And I can assuage my homesickness by looking at pictures of the barn and yard of WW.  That's as close as I get to Kaufman sometimes;-)   I should be home in November a couple of times and I'll try to catch you at home.  Love the kitty pictures!!
Love, Gaye
Oct 16/04, 2004

Name: Edward smith
Email Address: esmith@ofallon.mo.us
Country:   USA
Comments: I am a mounted police officer, and I ride a Tennessee Walker by the name of Merlin's Plum Right. His paper work/bloodline shows Midnight Sun in his bloodline. I was wondering if I could find out more about him and his bloodline. He is the best police horse this department has ever seen, and I would like to know more about his history.

officer Ed Smith.
Oct 15/04, 2004

Name: Megan
Email Address: basketball_GURL_3391@msn.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I love horses and your site rocks! All of the horses on your website are simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! The virtual tour is tons of fun, too! I will definitely be back!
Oct 10/04, 2004

Name: sharon fletcher
Email Address: kysweetipy@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: just wanted to let u know your site is great. i was researching my horses bloodlines and your site helped me a great deal. found out she has a lot of famous bloodlines! once again, your site is great!   sharon
Oct 9/04, 2004

Name: Jordan  Carter
Email Address: Lekita_carter2001@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I am 9years old and have attended the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration for the past four years. I live in Hamilton, Alabama and I have enjoyed your web-site for some time now.
                                            Jordan Carter
Oct 8, 2004

Name: Toni Light
Email Address: themoonlightranch@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: We are from Bosque County (Next to McLennan County). We are looking for a stallion to breed to our mare next spring. She is a Ebony's Masterpiece mare and she was bred in June. We would like to come up sometime to see your stallions.
Oct 4, 2004

Name: Eva Hubbard
Email Address: hubspaint@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Beautiful site. We just purchased a 7 month old colt out of some of the same blood lines as Go Boy's Shadow and Midnight Sun, Merry Go Boy, Mack K's Handshaker. Our colt's mother was Sir Sid's Jan R out of Winston's Sir Sid And Handshaker Jan R.  Thank you for such a wonderful web site.
Sept 20, 2004

Name: Mariah
Email Address: lucky9421@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: This site is soooooooooo cool! I have a walker and not only are they smooth, they have a great personality and are beautiful animals! Happy Trails!
Sept 20, 2004

Name: Ashley Sutton
Email Address: loulou22@earthlink.net
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your horses, they are very beautiful. You have a great website.
Sept 20, 2004

Name: T Ghent
Email Address: tghent@ftc-i.net
Country:   USA
Comments: I have spent many hours on your website and have learned a lot about the ancestry of my 2 walkers and the breed in general.  Indeed you have spent an immense amount of time on your website, and it is greatly appreciated.  I revisit frequently and it's always interesting.  Thanks for such a great and informative website!
Sept 19, 2004

Name: mike baggett
Email Address: ctrutia@aol.com 
Country:   USA
Comments: i was surprised to find your website one night at the hospital i work at in plattsburgh, n.y.  i miss you and enjoyed seeing pictures of old friends and favorite horses.
Sept 17, 2004

Name: Debra Pace
Email Address: dspchevy@wmconnect.com
Country:   USA
Sept 16, 2004

Name: Holly Thornhill
Email Address: mustangirl7204@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hello, I heard about your farm in the Horse Illustrated magazine. 'm sorry about Midnight Sun and all the other horses that have died. I love all of the horses that you have in your barn. I like the virtual tour of your barn too. I hope to hear from you soon.
Holly Thornhill
Sept 12, 2004

Name: Ashleigh Schloithe
Email Address: N/A
Country:   AUSTRALIA
Comments: I am 10 years old,& enjoyed looking at your web site.  I liked the Palomino horses. Thank you, Ashleigh.
Sept 10, 2004

Name: Kristen & Cristina
Email Address: bchsprinkles@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: We greatly thank you for such a great web site. it is great to have such a positive site showing the wonderful TW Horse. Thanks Again.
           Kristen .A. Thompson &
               Cristina .M. Beach
Sept 7, 2004

Name: sophia
Email Address: twh_girl@netzero.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Thanks for telling all of us who won the 2004 World Grand Championships and saving us from the wait of getting the monthly Voice!  I am a big Shout fan, do you know what place she got? Thanks a million!  P.S. Your site is unbeatable!

Note: SHOUT, ridden by Sammy Day for the Keith Baker family, placed 6th in the Walking Horse Championship.   - - Webmaster

Sept 6, 2004

Name: Kristen A. Thompson
Email Address: donnaps23@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I think your site is lovely. The music is very relaxing and really sets the importance of pages like the one about Midnight Sun. Thanks for showing people the true spirit in the Tennessee Walking Horse.
Sept 4, 2004

Name: Nico
Email Address: nico.perotti@tiscali.it
Country:   Italy
Comments: Your horses are totally awesome!!!!  Continue this way!!!
Sept 3, 2004

Name: Stephaine Hoskins
Email Address: snow_glitters@hotmail.com
Country:   Canada
Comments: I think your horses are the most beautiful animals I've ever seen!!!
Sept 2, 2004

Name: Beth Vaughan
Email Address: eaglerock@web-access.net
Country:   USA
Comments: hi Mary Ellen. Kim and I have sure enjoyed PJ for what little bit of time we have had him. I'd sure like to email you pictures but can't seem to find your email address. he sure is happy and is doing very well. hope all is well in Kaufman. thanks again for all you have done for us and those others that enjoy TWH's. Beth Vaughan
Sept 2, 2004

Name: Julie Holt
Email Address: PBJH@peoplepc.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I have enjoyed my tour of your facility.  I have been able to learn more about the breed and the spectacular blood lines that is bred into my Walking horse.  I've seen pictures of horses I've only heard about.  Thank you for the pleasure of viewing these great legends and I will be passing the word of the Tennessee Walking Horse and your stable to all I know.
Sept 2, 2004

Name: timothy a. holmes
Email Address: doctim2@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I am a police officer here in New Orleans, la. i was born and raised in Tylertown, MS. I miss riding so i am doing a little research so that i can purchase my own horse. i enjoyed your website.
Aug 26, 2004

Name: Suzanne Oliver
Email Address: gentian_hill@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Thank you for a wonderful visit to your fantastic web site! Will consult you when we decide to breed our TWH mare! Greetings from Salisbury, North Carolina !
Aug 25, 2004

Name: Shelley Strohl
Email Address: srsdogs@ptd.net
Country:   USA
Comments: What a fabulous time I have had exploring this site! The ghost horses are wonderful, especially the words and stories from the people who knew them. As a 12 yr. old, I had an opportunity to ride a TWH, retired from the show ring after an un fortunate trailer accident. Nearly 40 yrs. later, myself a retired thoroughbred jockey, I can hardly wait to find my own "first" TWH; my "perfect horse!" I hope we will meet someday so I can thank you personally for building and maintaining such a special online tribute to the breed we love.
Aug 24, 2004

Name: Gail and Bill Coffee
Email Address: bgcoffee@earthlink.com
Country:   USA
Aug 22, 2004

Name: Mary Jarvis
Email Address: wjarvis@cox-internet.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Mary Ellen,

Wonderful website!  I hope Wayne, Helen and I can come to see you and your beautiful ranch soon.  Mary
Aug 21, 2004

Name: Wanda & Larry Tucker
Email Address: wstuc@shreve.net
Country:   USA
Comments: Website is very well done and we love the music! Very beautiful horses.
Aug 21, 2004

Name: Jennifer
Email Address: Jennifer_gray_49888@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hi, I am 13 yrs. old. I just love  your website. I cannot wait till i grow up to have a farm just like yours! I love all your horses and I am trying to save money to buy one of your horses, but it seems like it is going to take me a while. But I am inspired to buy just one then i will be satisfied. I have a Tennessee Walker Half Rocky Mountain and I just a adore him. He was starved to (almost) death and I wanted to save him so we bought him from this really mean guy and he made us pay a fortune but, i think it was worth it. Now he is just a happy boy that eats a lot! He is the best horse I have every had. If you have a cheap show horse you are selling please contact me so I can see If I have enough money. Thank you and I hope you go far!
Aug 21, 2004

Name: Jill Miller
Email Address: ausmill@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Love your website and all of the horses in the barn! We are hoping for a trip to Walkers West in the near future and, who knows, maybe bringing "someone" back with us!

Jill Miller
Visha Daniec
Aug 20, 2004

Name: Robbin Javier
Email Address:  rjphilips@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Great site loved it...looking forward to coming for a visit.
Aug 20, 2004

Name: mary helen c. martin
Email Address: mhcmartin@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Great site. Betty Sain wrote me and told me to look at it.  Great looking Bum's horse!

Mary Helen C. Martin
Aug 10, 2004

Name: Gary R. Davidson
Email Address: g2rdav@scrtc.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I am the one who raised Allen's Royal Threat.   I am glad He is doing well.
Aug 9, 2004

Name: Brooke Blackwell
Email Address: kittygirl1262@netscape.net
Country:   USA
Comments:  i love your website. now i m going to go on it everyday because my internet is  working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 5, 2004

Email Address: maytag01@bellsouth.net
Country:   USA
Comments: I am interested in purchasing a Tennessee Walker in the very near future.  Could you please place me in your address book and notify me if anything comes up.

Aug 4, 2004

Email Address: THERADERS2@CS.COM
Country:   USA
Aug 1, 2004

Name: Jackson Stokes
Email Address: howardstokes@bellsouth.net
Country:   USA
Comments: I thought this was a very nice and informative site. Good pictures nice looking horses and I really enjoyed the barn tour. You by far have one of the best Tennessee Walking Horse websites there is. I own a small farm myself nothing the size of yours. All I own is Tennessee Walking Horses. Thanks for such a great website.
July 27, 2004

Name: Erica evans
Email Address: bmxcrazies@hotmail.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Your site is wonderful!!!!!   We really enjoy being on the web and looking at the stallions, foals, WGCs, and your staff and what they do. I have really been wanting to know how old all your stallions are?  Maybe we will see you at a show.  what sanction do you ride in?  I ride walking. well  e-mail me back!!!!!   thanks Erica
July 27, 2004

Name: Brooke Blackwell
Email Address: kittygirl1262
Country:   USA
Comments: i really like the website and the first time i was on it was with my best friend Victoria. i am really inspired to ride horses and jump horses. i love your website. i am going to go on it almost everyday. i am going to go on it every time i can. i probably wont be on for a while though i am on my aunt Karen's computer because my computer tower has something wrong with. it e-mail me when you can! Bye!
July 25, 2004

Name: Kim and Beth Vaughan
Email Address: eaglerock@web-access.net
Country:   USA
Comments: We were very impressed with the facilities, and the knowledgeable staff on hand. everyone was willing to help with any questions that my husband and i had about the horses and their previous history. after just a few hours talking and looking at several of the horses in question, my husband and i left with the purchase of a beautiful horse. i want to thank Mary Ellen and her staff for their patience and experience, it definitely made a difference on our decision.  
July 23, 2004

Name: Beverely Nichols
Country:   USA
Comments: Really enjoyed the web site a lot ,, great job with all the information on the Tennessee Walking horse breed. I personally own 8 of the breed and found it very interesting to look at the pictures you had of all the past WGC's.
July 20, 2004

Name: Asaba Owerri
Email Address: homeboy@yahoo.com
Country:  BAHAMAS
Comments: I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up.
July 20, 2004

Name: Betty Tate
Email Address: bboop@icnet.net
Country:   USA
Comments: Great Website. Well thought out and presented.
July 20, 2004

Name: Kitten Dowden
Email Address: GKBR549@BELLSOUTH.NET
Country:   USA
July 20, 2004

Name: Cindy Sinclair
Email Address: GreyRan@netscape.net
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your web page. Your love & respect for T.W.'s comes thru loud and clear. My husband and I just purchased a home on one acre. As soon as we are set up I will give you a call and pay you a visit. I have been waiting 30 years for this to all come together. I had a T.W. in 1975 named Gotcha. He was a dream horse come true. Never stop dreaming! Hope to see you soon!!! Cindy
July 19, 2004

Name: Marcia Doherty
Email Address: marcia69@earthlink.net
Country:   USA
Comments: Mary Ellen - You've got a nice array of horses for sell there.  I love that buckskin yearling and Pusher gelding.  Hope all is well.  I miss you guys.  Bucky and Charlotte are doing fine.  Charlotte is 32 1/2 now.  Marcia
July 18, 2004

Name: rebecca
Email Address: badgirl594
Country:   USA
Comments: i really liked your page and i will come back.
July 12, 2004

Name: Victoria
Email Address: hunter_jumper_01@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I am in love with your website and horses... I get on your website everyday...I love Powder River and hope that he went to a good home... your friend...
July 12, 2004

Name: Ginger Hirsch
Email Address: gthunderhorse@aol.com
Country:   USA
Comments: this web site is A-one!
July 10, 2004

Name: Erin Barr
Email Address: bearslilgirl2008@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: Hello,
  I just got done looking at your horses.  They are beautiful horses and we want to buy three but we can not afford any right know.  These horses are beautiful and i hope that they go to nice homes.  Thanks
Erin Barr of Early TX.
July 8, 2004

Name: John D Seawright
Email Address: jds@arbbs.net
Country:   USA
Comments: Thank you for the courtesies extended to us during our phone visit.  You have been very helpful.

Your website ranks among the very best that we have encountered,

John D. Seawright
The Oaks Horse Farm. L.L.C.
July 6, 2004

Name: Sarah Boykin
Email Address: sarahboykin@yahoo.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I graduate nursing school in May 2005, and one of the first things I'm going to do after that is visit Walkers West to find the biggest, sweetest Tennessee Walker gelding I can find!  I visit your site often to daydream.  Thanks for making such a great place to visit world-class horses.

See you in May, 2005,

Sarah Boykin
July 5, 2004

Name: Lisa B
Email Address: leesgarden@juno.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I love your site, and your TW's are beautiful!  I am bringing home my very first TW, pure black gelding, 3 years old - I can't wait!!  So I have enjoyed looking at your site and seeing what beautiful horses they are.   :)
July 5, 2004

Name: Emily
Email Address: samose@surewest.net
Country:   USA
Comments: You have a very cool thing where you walk through the barn.
July 1, 2004

Name: Megan Coleman
Email Address: maggiel20@msn.com
Country:   USA
Comments: I just wanted to tell you how much I love your website. I was fortunate enough to own two of my own Tennessee Walkers when I was younger. Rena, my chestnut mare was a great granddaughter of Midnight Sun, and Tucker, my black gelding is a grandson of Gen's Armed and Dangerous. Unfortunately, I had to sell my "babies", but I look forward to purchasing another (or more) Tennessee Walkers as soon as I graduate college next spring (May 2005). If I move anywhere in your area, your farm will be my first choice. Beautiful facilities, and beautiful horses! I wish you the best in the future!
June 29, 2004

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