We regret to inform you that this grand old mare has died at the age of 31.  She will be missed.
Starlight Delight
Starflight Delight and Brenda Wilson.

Born 04/16/1976, STARFLIGHT DELIGHT is a 30 year old, living daughter of Sun's Delight D.  She was originally registered as INDIANA'S DELIGHT, but that was changed to Starflight Delight in 1978.   She was bred as a three year old to Ebony Masterpiece and gave birth to a stud colt in May of 1980.

Transferred two or three times as a young mare, she was under the ownership of the Bobby Beech family, Lewisburg TN, during the early 80s, during which time she enjoyed much success with daughter, Ashley Beech at the reins. Purchased by the late D. L. Putman, Huntsville AL in 1986, she also carried Mr. Putman and his daughter, Brenda Wilson,  on numerous victory laps.

Vickie Self was her next owner of record and then Mrs. Gerring purchased the mare in April of 2000.  Mrs. Gerring is still owner of record, although Starflight Delight has now been retired and belongs to Sheri Czekanski.

Starflight had four more foals over the period of 1991 to 1994. Two of these foals were by Doc's High Tribute, and two were sired by Flashy Pride.  She had her last foal in 1999 at the age of 23. 

This is the rest of her story, excerpted from letters by her current owner,  Sheri Czekanski.

Starflight Delight at 29 years of age.

Star is in surprisingly good shape, pictured here at 30 years old... We adopted/saved her when she was 27 from a man who was still trying to breed her. Good bloodlines will get you in that kind of trouble, you know. Anyway, she only had one live foal in the 8 years that we've known her. She was in a TWH Show Barn where I bought my first Walker, "Leggs". Neither one of us (Leggs or I) were made out for the Show Ring so now we all live as one big happy family on 5 acres in Dayton.

When we adopted her she was still ride-able and at first she was scared of us.  She'd run to the corner of the stall and stand real still and was just like "Ok whatever you wanna do, just do it fast."  Then she got to know us and when we'd get the saddle out she'd get SO excited.  She'd still go to the corner of the stall but she had a different attitude and what I call "happy feet".  She'd just kinda dance ever so slightly with her front feet.  And when you'd lead her out of her stall she'd prance down the hall, polite but happy.  But as soon as you snapped those cross-ties - Boom - stock-still.  She knew better than to move a muscle. 

 We're glad that now when we groom her she'll nod her head when we talk to her or she'll lean into the curry comb a little if we hit a good spot.  Before she was a statue.  No emotion.  And I'm sure that's the way you want show horses, but we felt like it was time she learn to become part of the family.  So we would cross-tie her facing our gelding (who is Mr. Personality) and let her see that it was OK to "communicate" with the "people".  Now she'll ask for attention with a nicker whereas before she would run from us. 

This picture was taken June of 2005.  Star seems to have an obsession for birdseed.  She learned how to take apart the bird feeder (3 sections) and will lick every last seed out if we let her.  It became a game last summer.  We'd chase her round and round the tree only to turn our backs and she'd have her nose right back in the feeder.  She'd actually crouch her head and shoulders down and sneak.  Now we have the pasture finished so we don't let them out back anymore, but I kinda miss our birdseed game.  She's not real quick, but she's crafty. 
Whoever said money can't buy happiness
Obviously never bought a horse.
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iPEDs Production Information
Foal Number Foal Name Foal Sex Blood Typed Foal Date Sire Number Sire Name
800389  EB'S FAMILY TRADITION  G N 05/22/1980 560586  EBONY MASTERPIECE 
912195  DOC'S HIGH DELIGHT  M N 04/07/1991 830911  DOC'S HIGH TRIBUTE 
920619  HEY! WHAT'S UP DOC  G N 03/23/1992 830911  DOC'S HIGH TRIBUTE 
930176  FLASHY NIGHTFLIGHT  M Y 03/02/1993 783598  FLASHY PRIDE 
941675  FLASHYS GIRL FRIDAY  M Y 05/02/1994 783598  FLASHY PRIDE 
19913331  ALISHA'S MYSTIC WINDS  M Y 03/15/1999 910350  TOUCH'S FIRST THREAT 
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